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Physico-chemical analysis

It allows the nature of the interactions between the components of a system to be determined in chemical analysis by studying the relationships between the physical properties and the composition of the system.

Routine analysis during drug development

During pharmaceutical development, it is necessary to carry out multiple galenic tests in order to achieve a prototype formulation suitable for the objectives set for each product. For this purpose, we carry out analyses of disintegration, friability, hardness, apparent density, fluidity…

Analysis and release of raw materials, API's and finished products

Raw materials, APIs and finished products must be analysed according to a set of specifications that must be met in order to be considered suitable for use in the manufacture of medicinal products (in the case of raw materials and active ingredients) or to be placed on the market for consumption (in the case of finished products). These analyses are carried out on the basis of pharmacopoeias or internal customer specifications.