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Water quality control

Purified water

Water for the preparation of medicinal products other than those required to be both sterile and apyrogenic, unless otherwise justified and authorised. Determination of pH, conductivity, oxidisable substances, heavy metals, nitrates… according to European pharmacopoeia 0008 and <1231> Water for Pharmaceutical purposes of the USP.

Water for human consumption (rd140/2003)

All water, whether in its original state or after treatment, used for drinking, cooking, food preparation, personal hygiene and other domestic uses, whatever its origin and regardless of whether it is supplied to the consumer through public or private distribution networks, cisterns, public or private tanks. Determination of pH, conductivity, hardness, ammonium, combined chlorine, free chlorine, iron, aluminium… in accordance with RD140/2003.

Waste water

All wastewater discharges must have the corresponding discharge authorisation, the purpose of which is to achieve the established environmental objectives. Determination of pH, conductivity, COD, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, suspended solids… according to applicable legislation.